About Us

4houzz is an online site that discusses home design and decor. If you want to build a new home or want to renovate your house. Come to 4houzz.com, you will find bright ideas. The pictures on this site are HD quality images, so you will easily see the details.

Below are our core teams and freelancer.

Della Tracent
She is an observer of the beauty of home design and decoration. Initially, the idea was conveyed directly to his friends. But as part of the association, he thinks the need to build a site to make it easier for everyone to know his ideas.

Diana Robertino
Diana called her, a cheerful woman who always smiled when meeting people even she did not know. The easy way to get along with him makes him trusted to be a publicist at 4houzz. But not infrequently he also contributed ideas in this post on 4houzz.com.

Ellya Brizt
Easily energetic, beautiful, and generous. Ellya joined 4houzz at the end of 2019. She debuted with creative writings because of her love for the decoration world especially DIY as if she was her specialty.

Merry Merlin
Even as a freelance, Merry’s ideas are not in doubt. Many ideas that sometimes out of reason he poured. Armed with a college diploma majoring in civil engineering makes it easy to understand and express the latest ideas.

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