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5 Fast Ways to Clean and Keep Your Home Healthy

A healthy home is everyone’s dream home, therefore everyone always tries to clean their house every day. Because a clean house will have a health impact on the family. But how to start cleaning our house and which parts we need to clean because sometimes not all parts of our house are cleaned every day.

Because we will also feel tired and bored if we have to clean the house every day too. But if we don’t clean the house, of course, the house will get dirty, dust will stick to certain parts, mold will start to appear in the bathroom and the sink and the sink will also begin to rust or appear between the faucet. So it is important for us to clean our homes, but of course, there are parts that we clean every day there are certain parts that we clean 2 or 3 days or there is a room that we need to do greasing once a week.

House Cleaning services
House Cleaning services

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Well, here are some 5 tips for cleaning the house quickly.

1. Clean bed linen every day. Bed linen is a bed cover so that it will give us a sense of comfort while sleeping. But it will not get if our sheets are dirty with dust or waste because of our work habits or doing tasks with a laptop on the mattress while eating snacks. You can clean your sheets by using a vacuum cleaner.

2. Clean the living room carpet. The living room is a room where we will entertain our guests. It doesn’t feel good if our living room is dirty. Especially if the living room, we use carpets of dust will easily stick and sometimes not visible, but it will be easy to fly if we step on it. Therefore it is important to clean the living room carpet at least once a week.

3. Clean the kitchen. The kitchen will always be cleaned every time we finish cooking. But not with certain parts such as the sink and faucet. Clean the faucet easily by flushing it with hot water then you brush. You can also use crust laxative fluid.

4. Clean the bathroom. The bathroom is sometimes rarely cleaned, even though the bathroom is easy to get dirty because the soap foam will easily stick and also the rest of the water can cause crust or possibly mildew. Therefore clean the bathroom at least once a week. Use crust cleaning fluid by pouring on the wall and floor, leave it for about 15 minutes, then brush.

5. Clean the window and window glass. Windows sometimes escape our expectations for cleaning. At least once a month you clean the window and window glass. You can use a glass cleaner to facilitate your work. Spray the glass cleaner then use a dry cloth to clean it. But you can also use old newspapers to clean your glass.

Thus quick tips for maintaining the cleanliness of your home, hopefully, these tips are useful for you and your home to stay healthy.

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